Saboom Content API

  • Is the Content API the right choice for me?

    The content API is made for paysite webmasters and CMS systems who want to offer the full pleasure of interactive content to their users.

  • Which skills are needed for the integration?

    A software developer will feel quite comfortable with the integration due to the use of existing state of the art technology. The front end integration is a piece of cake, and can be compared to the integration of any normal video paysite.

  • How do I get the Saboom player?

    The Saboom player is integrated via an iframe. There are different color schemes you can choose from, offering a maximum of flexibility.

  • What do I need to get access to the Content API?

    The Saboom Content API consists of two parts. A free to access part allows the full integration of the content with preview pictures and the Saboom player. The restricted payment part is protected by a public private key method.

  • Which payment model integrations are supported?

    The most common form is the pay per show model. It doesn't matter if you offer a direct payment or a coin model.

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